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For many people unwanted hair on the face and body has affected their confidence. Whether it is unwanted hair on the face, the bikini and inner thighs, the arms or the legs, regardless of the site, many people are self-conscious of this unwanted hair. Clients have told me they are shy to kiss someone because they are afraid they will feel the stubble of the hair on their face.

Women also feel everyone can see the unwanted facial hair. Some women with hair on their legs refuse to wear shorts or skirts in the summer because of the hair, or they don’t go to the pool because they need to go for waxing.

Think about all of the money we spend on shaving creams, razors, and hair removal services. Even the most inexpensive of these add up over time, plus many shaving creams and shaving products contain nasty parabens and toxins that no one wants.

That's why we created Wolvpower, we focus on IPL laser hair removal and help build confidence and enjoy the healthy skin that you deserve.

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